Marset | News Light and Building 2012

Pleat Box | Xavier Mañosa & Mashallah  The outer part of the lamp is available in white ceramic, underglazed red clay and grey and with the option of a brilliant white interior or 10 carat gold, a warm light is generated. Four diameters 47cm, 36cm, 24cm and 13cm

Maranga | Christophe Mathieu  Collection available in two diameters 32cm and 50cm, forming two table, floor and hanging versions and one ceiling lamp. 3 colours: white, sand and dark grey.

Tam Tam | Fabien Dumas  Consisting of a large central shade 50cm in lacquered aluminium, to which satellite shades of 35cm are attached; they can be rotated though 360° by means of a swivel mechanism. The methacrylate diffuser softens the light.  Available as suspension in two sizes: regular with three or five satellites or a mini with three shades.  A wall lamp version with one or two shades completes the collection.

Polo | Joan Gaspar  A perfectly compact, articulated task lamp, featuring LED technology, enabling the light to be directed accurately.  Made from injection moulded aluminium with joint and arm built into a single piece.  The switch with a wheel system is located on the top of the head.  Available in black or silk grey, mounted on base, clamp or with wall mount.

Cala | Joan Gaspar  A rotary moulded polyethylene shade is enclosed in a zipped textilene sleeve which filters the light and gives it a textured richness.  Classed as IP65, Cala is available in floor version with structure in metal or iroko wood and suspension lamp.  There is also an indoor version available in two sizes. 

Scene | Joan Gaspar  A wall lamp providing indirect light and an opening on the face creates a halo of light. Made from injection moulded aluminium, in black, white or silk grey with LED, low energy or halogen light sources.

Funiculí | Lluís Porqueras  A new edition of a lamp designed in 1979, Funiculí is simple and elegant. Deriving from the word funicular, reminiscent of the railways in Barcelona, it encorporates a mechanism to raise and lower the shade according to your needs.  The shade also rotates through 360° to direct the light in a more functional way.  A rubber lipping on the base protects and stabilises the lamp.  Available in black, white, red, beige and grey.

Ledtube R | Daniel L. Carillo and Ledcompass | Joan Gaspar  Additions to the collection Ledtube comes these two new variations. Ledtube R is a surface mounted wall lamp with orientation, featuring LED technology, with 360° rotation when the tube is open.  Available in white, aluminium or black.  Ledcompass is a reading light, in size, projecting the smallest amount from the surface.  Reminiscent of aircraft ventilation nozzles, the lamp can be surface mounted or built in.  Available in white, aluminium or black.

Lab | Francesc Rifé  A wall lamp for outdoor use which can either blend into a space or stand out, depending on the finish and material used on  the front panel. Available in stone, light or dark iroko wood, white and grey painted aluminium. Classed as IP65, it also features an option of including signage.

Discocò A | Christophe Mathieu  Following from the success of the Discocò to complete the collection, Marset introduce the wall lamp. Using the discs from the 35cm diamter hanging version but changing the proportions to produce a more oval shape.  Available in white, chocolate, turquoise and sand.

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