Marset showroom | Barcelona

The Marset showroom is a new exhibition space in the heart of Barcelona created to unveil the lighting collection of the company in the most suitable conditions.  It aims to showcase each of the models and reflect the qualities of each light, texture and effect.

Open to all professionals in the world of design, interior design and architecture, the showroom has been conceived as an exhibition and working area for development of global projects and lighting concepts.  It is also a place where the general public can appreciate the various lighting options and evaluate the purchase before heading to the store.

The Marset showroom is in the centre of Barcelona to be closer to the world, but also to be at the heart of the action, identifying itself with the creatively restless city, where design is one of its mainstays.  A capital in which culture of design and innovative initiatives coexist harmoniously with a traditional and historical city.

Enter through a passageway to a courtyard displaying the collection of outdoor fittings, then through to the showroom, unveiling its comprehensive collection of indoor lights.

C/ Santaló, 56 Interior. 08021. Barcelona, Spain