Porro in Milan

Can you believe that Modern was designed in 1997?  Porro chose this year's theme "This is a box" to rework this important collection, refining the design and aesthetic.  The colour schemes of black and white with touches of grey at the fair, were a stark contrast to the showroom in Durini, but more of that to come in a future entry.  

Piero Lissoni's Ex Libris, Neve, new Modern, Storage and System elements and finishes;  Front's Balancing Boxes, Shadow Lights and Mirror Table;  Christophe Pillet's Jade lounge chair and Shahan coffee table.

Balancing Boxes    Shadow Light    Mirror Table | Front

Boxes | Piero Lissoni

Ex Libris | Piero Lissoni

Jade lounge chair   Shahan table | Christophe Pillet

Modern | Piero Lissoni and CRS

Neve | Piero Lissoni

Pivot | Decoma Design

Storage | Piero Lissoni and CRS

System | Piero Lissoni